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If you have a phobia of having dental work done, learning that you need to have a tooth extraction can be stressful. While we understand that it can be a scary thought, you can rest assured that our dentists will only extract a tooth when it is the only option available to us. In addition, you will be happy to learn that getting a tooth pulled is a quick and virtually pain-free procedure.

How Much Will My Tooth Extraction Cost?

Pricing for a dental extraction varies depending on if it is a simple extraction or a surgical one. Another factor used in determining your overall cost is how difficult a tooth will be to take out. Many of our patients have coverage for dental extractions under their dental insurance provider.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

In many cases, a dentist is able to pull a tooth by grabbing onto it with a pair of forceps and pulling it out. However, if a tooth is located under the gum line you may need to have oral surgery in order to extract it. Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon if you are in need of a surgical extraction.

When Is it Necessary to Have a Tooth Extracted?

Having a tooth pulled becomes necessary in cases where you have advanced stage gum disease, severe decay, or a traumatic injury to the tooth. Oftentimes, it can completely eliminate any pain you have been feeling in and around the tooth. While we will do everything that we can to save your tooth, dental extractions are typically recommended in the following situations.

Can I Have My Broken, Cracked or Decayed Teeth Pulled at the Dentist?

When damage from a cracked, broken, or decayed tooth has reached the middle of the tooth, one of our dentists will assess whether a root canal is a viable option for you. If it isn’t, he or she will recommend that the tooth be pulled. Once the tooth is out, you won’t feel any of the discomfort that you were feeling before. Our dentist will also talk to you about the importance of having a tooth replacement placed once the site has healed. A replacement tooth will keep your natural teeth from shifting out of position.

Why Are Baby Teeth Sometimes Pulled?

A baby tooth removal procedure is usually done in cases where an adult tooth is blocked by a baby tooth, a tooth is infected or the baby tooth has a severe cavity that can’t be filled. Our team of professionals is highly skilled at providing dental care for children.

Why Do My Teeth Need to be Pulled if I Have Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

When someone has severe periodontal disease (commonly referred to as gum disease), the teeth become loose due to the disease breaking down the ligaments holding the teeth within the jaw and gums. Teeth extractions are typically recommended when a person is in pain due to this.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

The wisdom teeth are an additional set of molars that usually start to come in during a person’s teen or early adulthood years. While a third set of molars may sound like a good thing, most people lack the room in their mouths to support them. When this happens, a number of issues can occur. These issues include infection, crooked teeth or damage to the jawbone. A dentist can perform an extraction if the tooth has already grown in. If, however, your wisdom teeth are still located under the gums, you will be referred to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Why Does the Dentist Want to Pull My Crowded Teeth?

Some people do not have room within their mouths for all of their adult teeth. This is why adult teeth grow in crooked. In order to have braces put on, you will most likely need to have one or more teeth pulled so that your braces can shift your other teeth into a straighter position.

What Will I Need to Do After the Procedure?

Once you have had your tooth pulled, your dentist will tell you what you need to do in order to heal properly. There will also be things that you are not allowed to do until your extraction site is properly healed. Be sure to follow all of your aftercare instructions. You will also be given instruction on managing any pain or swelling you may feel after your extraction.

How Long Can I Expect It to Take for My Extraction Site to Heal?

If you have had a simple extraction, you can expect the entire tooth extraction healing process to take up to a week. The healing process will take longer for extractions done on molars or for any sort of surgical extraction. In most cases, you should be able to do moderate activities once 24 hours has passed.

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