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What Is Periodontal Gum Disease?

Gum disease has three stages, but all can be classified as periodontal disease. The early stage, gingivitis, is the only stage at which this disease can be cured. By the time gingivitis has escalated into the second stage of periodontitis, the disease has done permanent damage to the teeth and jawbone. The cause of gum disease at any stage is usually lack of oral hygiene, so it’s completely preventable. Regular flossing and brushing, as well as a routine of annual dental checkups and cleanings, can help prevent the onset of gum disease. However, a gingivitis cure can be effective when the disease is caught early, so if you think you have signs of gingivitis or you want to learn more about reversing gum disease, then call our Union office to schedule an appointment with one of our gum disease treatment specialists.

What Causes Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is usually the result of poor oral hygiene, so it’s completely preventable by establishing a regimen of good oral hygiene that starts with flossing and brushing. In addition, you should maintain a schedule of at least annual dental checkups and cleanings, so that you prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar that can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. After you eat, a substance called plaque forms on your teeth. Since it’s laden with bacteria, it quickly begins to attack your teeth and gums and you may begin to develop gingivitis symptoms. Brushing and flossing can prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, but you still need regular dental checkups. This disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in Americans who are 35 years and older, so don’t become a statistic. Establish good oral hygiene habits so that you don’t begin to develop signs of gingivitis. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our Union office today.

Are the Symptoms of Gingivitis Noticeable?

You may have gingivitis for a long time but be unaware of it. However, you’ll probably experience some of the following gum disease symptoms:

  •  Bad breath or an odd taste in your mouth
  •  Bleeding during brushing or flossing
  •  Inflamed or sensitive gums

If you notice any of these signs of gum disease, then call our Union office and schedule an appointment.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease?

During your dental exam in our Union office, your dentist will look for the following to determine if you have gum disease:

  •  Loose teeth or uneven spaces between your teeth
  •  Receding gums
  •  Pockets of inflammation
  •  Pus in the area of your teeth and gums
  •  Swollen or inflamed gums

What Are the Stages of Gum Disease?

There are three stages to this disease — gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis.


This is the initial onset of gum disease and may be asymptomatic or you may notice only mild symptoms such as minor bleeding when you floss or brush. At this stage, the damage can be reversed and the progression of the disease can be halted.


At this stage, you’ve inflicted permanent damage to your gums and jawbone. Periodontal pockets have formed at your gum line and have trapped particles of plaque and food, which hastened the progression of the disease. Your dentist will use more aggressive treatment if your disease has developed into periodontitis.

 Advanced Periodontitis

This is the final stage of the disease and by this time, your jawbone and gums have been destroyed and you may have lost some or all of your teeth. At this point, damage control is the only option, the effects of the disease cannot be reversed.

If you consult your dentist at the first sign of gingivitis symptoms, then your gum disease cure can be successful. If you delay seeking a gingivitis treatment, your periodontal disease can progress to advanced periodontitis and there is no gingivitis treatment available that will reverse the damage that’s been done. If you have gum disease in Union, then call our office without delay. We can help you with a gingivitis cure before irreparable damage has been done.

Can Gingivitis Be Cured?

During its early stage, gingivitis can be cured by using a program of good oral hygiene and professional treatment. Your dentist can provide a professional gingivitis treatment that you are unable to replicate at home, so be sure to call our Union office for an appointment if you’re experiencing any gingivitis symptoms.

Can Gum Disease Be Reversed?

In its early stage of gingivitis, it can be cured. However, if you wait until the disease progresses to its second stage or beyond, then there is no cure and the damage is permanent. You can destroy your gums and jawbone and you can lose your teeth when gum disease advances to the second stage or beyond. If you think you have gingivitis, then call us today and schedule an appointment for a gingivitis cure.

Is There a Cure for Advanced Periodontitis and Gingivitis?

By the time your disease has escalated to advanced periodontitis, you’ll have permanent damage to your gums and the bone in your jaw and you’ll probably have lost many or all of your teeth. Although gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults who are 35 and older, it’s completely preventable, so don’t let it reach this stage, especially if you are experiencing signs of gingivitis. Reversing gum disease can ensure you maintain healthy teeth for life.

If you need a gingivitis cure or have gum disease in Union, then call American Dental Center at (908) 279-0623 to schedule an appointment. We’d be delighted to help you figure out how to start reversing gum disease and diagnosing gum disease symptoms, so don’t delay calling us. If you need to get your gums back to good health, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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