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All About Root Canals in Union

If you need a root canal in Union, you may have a number of questions about this process, including why it is necessary to save a tooth and what you can expect during and after your procedure. Root canals are usually performed when an infection or injury causes inflammation or exposure of the pulp of your tooth, which is usually protected by a hard enamel shell and other tissue. Our dental team can provide you with expert help in dealing with the pain and infection that usually accompanies these issues. We work with you to help you feel better fast.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are usually required in cases where significant swelling, infection or tooth decay has exposed the pulp and roots of teeth, creating considerable pain. In most cases, patients who need root canals cannot bite down on the affected tooth and may require a round of antibiotics before they are treated for the underlying cause of their pain. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will perform the necessary steps to provide you with pain relief and to treat infection and inflammation that can affect your everyday quality of life.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Your dentist will ask a number of questions about your current dental health and may take X-rays of the affected area. Some of the most common symptoms of an infection, abscess, or exposed pulp and nerve tissue include the following:

  • Deep, visible cavities or discoloration of tooth enamel
  • Severe pain that persists and may wake you up at night
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Excessive sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Swelling of the jaw or the gums around the affected tooth

If any or all of these symptoms are present, scheduling a prompt appointment with our dental practice is essential to help you feel better as quickly as possible. Root canals typically provide almost immediate relief and will generally prevent added problems with the same tooth in the future.

What Kind of Dentist Performs Root Canals?

Practitioners in general dentistry are qualified to perform root canals for their patients. In some cases, however, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist for more specialized care and treatment. Endodontists specialize in root canals and other complex dental procedures, which allows them to deliver the best possible care for very complicated issues involving infection, inflammation or other problems with the pulp or the roots of your teeth.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Root canals usually take between one and two hours. Your dentist or anesthesiologist will provide local or general anesthesia and numbing to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure. After this initial step, your tooth will be isolated from other teeth to protect it from contamination from other areas of the mouth. A small hole will be drilled in the crown of the tooth to allow your dentist to remove all traces of the pulp of your tooth from inside. The nerves and tissue inside the roots of your tooth will also be removed and flushed out with water or another substance to remove all traces of blood, tissue and infection from your roots and from the inside of your tooth. When this step is completed, your dentist will fill the roots with a rubbery material and seal them off to prevent future issues. The exterior of your tooth is usually capped by a root canal crown to provide added protection during chewing and biting.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of your procedure will depend on the amount of damage already done to your teeth, the work needed to prepare your tooth for your procedure and the overall length of time your dentist spends to resolve the issues involved. The location of your problem will also play a role in the amount you will pay. Molars typically have four roots. Those in the front of your mouth, by contrast, usually only have one root, which can make root canals much easier for these teeth. Our team will provide you with expert help in managing the costs of your dental root canal and will work with your dental insurance plan to ensure that it covers as much of the cost as possible.

What Types of Root Canals Are Available?

Depending on your age and the condition of your teeth, your dentist may recommend a standard root canal, an apicoectomy to resolve a previously failed root canal or a pediatric pulpotomy for younger children. Each of these procedures offers real benefits for patients who are currently experiencing pain or difficulty in chewing and biting.

Preparing for Your Dental Root Canal Treatment

Your root canal dentist will provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the process. Our dental practice will go the extra mile to ensure that you are confident and ready for your procedure. Give us a call today if you need professional dental services in Union. We are here to serve you.

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